We’ll walk you through it…

Guidelines to measure for our shoes

Rather than ordering based on age or EU size, as these are merely indicative, we recommend the best approach for the most accurate fit, is to measure the child’s foot.

1. To correctly measure the adult’s or the child’s sole, place the feet on a flat surface, under the weight of the body.

2. Draw around both feet.

3. Measure the distance between the tip of the big toe and the heel, with a ruler or a tape.

4. Trace a line across the widest and longest part of the feet.

5. Scroll down and find the right size in the sizing table for your selected brand.


It is recommended to measure both feet because there may be situations where there are small differences between them.

In such a case, the size of the larger foot is taken into account.

For children under 18 months we recommend shoes MAXIMUM 4-5mm longer than the foot.

For older children, you can order shoes with a sole approximately 7-8mm longer than the foot, to ensure optimum comfort and longer wearing.

For adults, you can consider adding on approximately 7 – 12mm to ensure optimum comfort and longer wearing.

For minimalist sandals, we recommend that you do not choose a size too large because having no reinforcements, the shoe is very flexible and the child can trip if the difference between the sole and the shoe is inadequate.

Size Guides

See the specific size guide for your chosen brand of shoe by clicking a button below.