Barefoot Miles

To our Amazing Barefoot Shoes Customers,

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Barefoot Miles Reward Program.

Transitioning from classic shoes to barefoot is truly a life-changing decision, even from our own experience. We could not be more delighted that you are on board with us, making a long term investment into your feet health. Once you “go barefoot” it is almost impossible to “go back”, regardless of age.

With our Barefoot Miles, we would like to recognise all of you, our valued returning customers, with the special reward program that would make it easier for you to combine future orders for a better price. This way, you will be able to enjoy our growing portfolio of prime barefoot shoes even more. We are strongly convinced that with our tempting shoes selection, stylish designs and spoiling customer service, you will always go barefoot with GoBarefoot.

Why? Because you matter to us. Because together with your help we can fulfil our mission to unleash the GCC feet

Enjoy collecting your Barefoot mile and the benefits that come along!


Eva and Martina

Founders of GoBarefoot

Earn Barefoot Miles

Earning  Barefoot Miles cannot be any easier…

  • You will automatically earn the Barefoot Miles (aka reward points) by simply shopping with us.
  • Each 20 AED spend will automatically earn you 1 point.

Spend Barefoot Miles

All you need is 50 points (or in other words you need to spend 1000 AED) to get your first 150 AED discount. It will automatically appear as an option to redeem in your shopping cart with the next eligible purchase. Don’t worry if you don’t want to use it you can keep collecting up to 100 points for a 300 AED discount.

Barefoot Miles Earning and Spending Conversions

  • Earning: 20 AED = 1 mile
  • Spending: 50 miles= 150 AED

To Instantly check your account activity and your balance you can visit My Account/Barefoot Miles.