Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m interested in a collaboration with you (as an influencer/possible supplier). How can I get in touch?2024-05-29T07:31:19+00:00

We are always excited to explore new collaborations! For any requests regarding collaboration, please kindly send an email through our contact form at web. Scroll to bottom of our web/Left Menu/Contact us/ Please fill in the Contact form. We will be with you in no time.

What are the delivery times during the Eid Holiday2024-04-02T15:12:06+00:00

On the occasion of EId Al Fitr, Our Warehouses will remain closed from Tuesday 9th April 2024 till Friday 12th April 2024.

This means following for your orders delivery:

• All orders till 8th April , 12pm will be fulfilled and delivered next day on the 9th Of April, End of the day

• Orders received between 8th April, 12pm and 13th April, 2pm will be delivered on 15th April 2024

We take this opportunity to wish you and your family, “EID Mubarak”.

I am leaving for Eid Holiday. Is my order going to be delivered2024-04-02T15:12:26+00:00

In the preparation for the Eid Holiday we recommend our customers to place last orders by Thursday 11am to be safely delivered by Friday end of the day.

Can barefoot shoes help to fix bunions?2023-07-17T12:52:59+00:00

Physiotherapists acknowledge that barefoot shoes can play a beneficial role in addressing bunions. While barefoot shoes alone may not “fix” bunions, they can help alleviate discomfort and potentially slow down the progression of the condition. Barefoot shoes provide a spacious toe box, allowing toes to splay naturally and reducing pressure on the bunion. They promote proper foot alignment and encourage the use of intrinsic foot muscles, which can help strengthen the foot and potentially improve bunion symptoms. However, it’s crucial to consult with a physiotherapist for a comprehensive treatment plan that may include exercises, stretches, and other interventions tailored to your specific needs and severity of the condition.

What are the main advantages of barefoot shoes2023-07-17T12:48:49+00:00

Physiotherapists highly recommend barefoot shoes due to their numerous advantages. The main benefits include promoting natural foot movement, strengthening foot muscles, and improving balance and proprioception. Barefoot shoes encourage proper alignment and posture, which can alleviate strain on the feet, legs, and back. They offer a spacious toe box, allowing toes to splay naturally and preventing issues like bunions. The flexibility of the soles enhances foot function and sensory feedback. By mimicking the sensation of walking barefoot, these shoes support the overall health and development of the feet. Consult with a physiotherapist to determine if barefoot shoes are suitable for your specific needs and experience the remarkable advantages they offer.

Why barefoot shoes don’t have an arch support?2023-07-17T12:56:17+00:00

Barefoot shoes do not have arch support for a specific reason. These shoes are designed to promote natural foot mechanics and strengthen the muscles of the feet and arches. By omitting arch support, barefoot shoes allow the arches to work dynamically and develop strength on their own. This can lead to better foot function and improved overall stability. However, it’s important to note that not everyone may benefit from this approach. Individuals with certain foot conditions or specific needs may require arch support for optimal comfort and function. It’s advisable to consult with a physiotherapist who can assess your individual situation and provide personalized recommendations for your footwear choices.

Can barefoot shoes help with back pain?2023-07-17T12:42:58+00:00

Lots of physiotherapists highly recommend barefoot shoes as a potential solution for back pain relief. These shoes encourage a more natural foot movement, allowing the muscles in the feet, legs, and core to engage properly. By promoting proper alignment and posture, barefoot shoes can help distribute the load more evenly throughout the body, reducing strain on the back. The flexible soles of barefoot shoes also enhance proprioception and balance, leading to improved body mechanics. However, it’s crucial to consult with a physiotherapist who can assess your specific condition and provide personalized recommendations. They can guide you on incorporating barefoot shoes into your daily routine to support your back health.

Are barefoot shoes good for toddlers?2023-07-17T12:40:03+00:00

Barefoot shoes are an exceptional choice for toddlers, and we strongly recommend considering them. These shoes prioritize the natural development of your child’s feet, allowing them to grow and move freely. Barefoot shoes provide a spacious toe box, allowing toes to spread naturally and promoting proper alignment. With their flexible soles, they enable toddlers to feel the ground and develop better balance and coordination. Barefoot shoes also help strengthen foot muscles, which can contribute to overall foot health. By choosing barefoot shoes for your toddler, you are providing them with the best foundation for healthy foot development, ensuring their comfort and well-being as they explore the world around them.

Why barefoot shoes for school?2023-07-17T12:36:12+00:00

Choosing barefoot school shoes is a highly recommended decision for several reasons. These shoes prioritize the natural development and health of growing feet. With their spacious toe boxes, flexible soles, and lightweight design, barefoot school shoes allow for proper toe splay, which promotes healthy foot development and enhances balance. They encourage better posture and help prevent foot ailments like flat feet and bunions. Additionally, the minimalistic design provides a more sensory experience, allowing children to feel the ground beneath their feet. By opting for barefoot school shoes, you are investing in the overall foot health and comfort of your child, ensuring they have a solid foundation for their educational journey.

Are barefoot shoes good for gym and cross fit?2023-07-17T12:34:08+00:00

Ditch the traditional gym shoes and embrace the unconventional with barefoot shoes! We wholeheartedly recommend incorporating barefoot shoes into your gym routine for a truly unique and beneficial experience. These shoes, with their minimalist design and flexible soles, allow your feet to move naturally, providing a sense of freedom and enhanced proprioception. They’re perfect for weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and functional training, offering improved balance, stability, and agility. Embracing the lightweight construction of barefoot shoes will have you feeling like a fitness ninja, ready to conquer any exercise. Just remember to consider your personal preferences and specific workout needs, and get ready to stand out in the gym crowd with your cutting-edge footwear.

Are barefoot shoes good for sport?2023-07-17T12:30:30+00:00

We highly recommend considering barefoot shoes for sports activities. These shoes can offer unique advantages, such as promoting natural foot movement, enhancing proprioception, and strengthening foot muscles. Barefoot shoes provide a lightweight and minimalistic design that allows for greater agility and responsiveness during sports. They can be particularly beneficial for activities that require quick changes in direction, balance, and footwork. However, it’s essential to assess the specific sport and individual requirements. Some sports may necessitate additional support, cushioning, or specialised features. We advise trying on different barefoot shoe models and consulting with sport-specific experts to determine if they are suitable for your chosen sport and performance goals.

Are barefoot shoes good for hiking?2023-07-17T12:27:37+00:00

We recommend considering barefoot shoes for hiking as they offer unique benefits for certain individuals. Barefoot-style hiking shoes can provide a closer-to-nature experience, allowing for enhanced sensory feedback and a more natural gait. They offer a lightweight and flexible design that promotes foot strength and agility. For experienced hikers who prefer a minimalist approach, barefoot shoes can be a viable option on less challenging trails. However, it’s important to assess your hiking abilities, trail conditions, and personal comfort preferences. It’s advisable to try on different barefoot-style hiking shoes and consult with experienced hikers or outdoor gear specialists to determine if they align with your hiking goals and needs.

Are barefoot shoes good for standing all day?2023-07-17T12:24:47+00:00

Barefoot shoes can be a good option for standing all day, depending on individual preferences and comfort levels. These shoes offer a minimalistic design, lightweight construction, and flexible soles, which can provide a closer-to-ground sensation and encourage natural foot movement. They may help strengthen foot muscles and improve posture, which can be beneficial for prolonged standing. However, it’s important to consider personal comfort and support needs. Some individuals may require additional sole to soften the shoes and to make the transition to barefoot shoes slowly and gradually.  . It’s recommended to try on different styles and consult with a footwear specialist to find the best option for your specific requirements.

Are barefoot shoes good for plantar fasciitis?2023-07-17T12:21:40+00:00

Barefoot shoes can potentially offer some relief for individuals with plantar fasciitis. These shoes encourage natural foot movement and can help strengthen the muscles in the feet and lower legs. By promoting a more natural gait and allowing the foot to move freely, barefoot shoes may reduce stress on the plantar fascia. However, it’s important to note that barefoot shoes may not be suitable for everyone, and individual experiences may vary. If you’re considering barefoot shoes for plantar fasciitis, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or podiatrist to ensure they are appropriate for your specific condition and to receive personalized recommendations. You can find interesting research on plantar faciites here.

Are barefoot shoes suitable for running?2023-07-17T12:13:32+00:00

Barefoot shoes can be a viable option for running, but they are not suitable for everyone. These shoes are designed to provide a minimalistic and natural running experience, allowing your feet to move freely and engage the muscles more effectively. They typically have thin soles and a flexible design to mimic the feeling of running barefoot. However, it’s important to note that transitioning to barefoot running or minimalist shoes should be done gradually to allow your feet and muscles to adapt. It’s recommended to consult with a running specialist or podiatrist to determine if barefoot shoes are suitable for your running style and foot mechanics. You can also read a numerous studies on running in barefoot shoes.

Are barefoot shoes good for everyday use?2023-07-17T12:02:45+00:00

Barefoot shoes can be a great option for everyday use, depending on your personal preferences and needs. These shoes are designed to mimic the experience of walking barefoot, allowing your feet to move naturally and promoting better foot mechanics. They offer a minimalistic design, lightweight construction, and flexible soles, which can provide a closer-to-ground sensation and enhance proprioception. However, it’s important to note that transitioning to barefoot shoes may require an adjustment period, as they have a different feel compared to traditional footwear. It’s recommended to gradually increase usage and listen to your body’s feedback to ensure a smooth transition.

Do you wear sock in barefoot shoes?2023-07-17T12:05:23+00:00

If you like to wear socks it is certainly allowed! We recommend to wear socks which are thin, not too tight and restrictive. Our suggestions is to choose socks which simply give you the freedom and comfort same as the barefoot shoes. 

If you prefer to wear barefoot shoes without the socks all we would like to say is:” Go ahead and enjoy!:)”

When should baby start wearing shoes?2023-07-17T12:04:31+00:00

Watching your baby getting ready for their first steps is a big milestone of every child and parent.

But wait with the first pair of shoes at least until your baby prefers walking to crawling.

Even then it is preferable to leave your child to make as many barefoot steps as it is possible. If the climate allows we recommend to start with the anti-skid socks or barefoot shoes specially designed for the first steps.

In our collection you can choose from any Dodo shoes sandals designs usually in sizes 18 or 19 for the very first steps. For the correct size choice please visit our tips on sizing and meassurements. 

Do you do full refunds?2022-09-13T07:18:41+00:00

In case you are unsatisfied with your purchase we will try firstly to help you to find a better fit within our barefoot shoe portfolio. It really matters to us that every single customer leaves our shop 100% happy and with perfectly fitting shoes.

If despite all our efforts exchange option fails we are happy to offer you a full refund within 7 working days from the day of delivery. Please make sure the shoes are in perfect unworn condition and in original packaging. Please allow for up to 30 days for the refund transfer to be completed.

Do you have a physical shop?2024-06-10T08:04:37+00:00

First of all it is important to say that shopping with us online is safe because you have all of these options and you simply cannot go wrong.

  1. You can keep the shoes if you are happy.
  2. If you need a different size you can exchange free of charge.
  3. If you are not happy with the shoes we offer full shoes refund.

As for now we don’t have a classic shop but we can share a little secret that we are working hard on opening one in the future.

As for now we have a small display of DoDo shoes at Cafe Confetti in JLT, Dubai. You can buy directly there or if you don’t like the available designs you can try the shoes sizes and then order online.

They have an amazing little soft play there so you can enjoy your cup of coffee while your little one will be busy playing.

You can also find us at various pop ups  during the year both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai- Please Follow our IG for the exact dates.


How do I choose the correct size?2022-09-13T07:07:03+00:00

Rather than ordering based on age or EU size, as these are merely indicative, we recommend the best approach, for the most accurate fit, is to measure the child’s foot.

1. To correctly measure the adult’ s or child’s sole, place the feet on a flat surface, under the weight of the body.

2. Draw around both of your feet.

3. Measure the distance between the tip of the big toe and the heel, preferably with a ruler.

4. Trace a line between the widest part of the feet.

5. Compare your measurements to the size tables of the particular brand you have chosen. Please note that each brand has its own size table.

Please go to Sizing to find the sizing guide for all our shoes.

How do I clean my shoes?2021-02-14T04:23:39+00:00

Gently clean the shoes with a cloth dampened in cold water, without detergent or other substances. Please do not immerse the shoes in water!

Carefully clean the stains and avoid heavy rubbing or rough brushing as they can damage the material.

Dry the shoes at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Do not wash in the washing machine.

When will my shoes be delivered?2024-03-01T11:22:59+00:00

We ship exclusively by courier direct to your door. Our courier will be in touch with you to schedule the delivery at your best convenience. We  even deliver on Friday and Saturday. Sunday our courier company has an off day.

We don’t deliver to PO boxes. We cannot accept responsibility for delayed deliveries caused by incomplete address or missing phone number. If the wrong address and wrong telephone number is provided, we won’t refund the shipping charge.

We commit to delivering your shoes to

Anywhere in the U.A.E.

  • 2-3 days.  If you order by 2pm on the DAY 1 you will receive your parcel next day (DAY 2) by the end of that day. All the orders received after 2pm DAY 1 will dispatched on the DAY 2 and delivered to you on the DAY 3 by the end of that day.
  • The delivery charge is 27 AED.

We will gradually add on more countries in the GCC. Please request with us to add on a new country in case of your interest. 


What happens if the shoes are the wrong size?2024-03-26T11:31:09+00:00

We understand the challenge of purchasing kids’ shoes online and therefore created a detailed guide to ensure that the size is correct. Please do take note of the size guides listed on every product or go to https://gobarefoot.ae/sizing/.

At Go Barefoot, we are proud to offer excellent customer care and we are always happy to assist with sizing enquiries to help you get the best fit before the purchase. If you need assistance, please contact us.

We understand that there will be cases when an exchange will be necessary in order to provide your child with the perfect fit. You can request an exchange within 7 working days from the day of delivery.

Making an Exchange

  1. Email us with a subject “Exchange” and include the order number from your confirmation email.
  2. In case the requested size is not in stock you may choose the new size from a different available design in our store or we can order from the manufacturer but this may take up to four weeks.
  3. Delivery of the size exchange will be made according to our original delivery policies if the new size is in stock.
  4. You will be contacted by our courier as per our original delivery policies once the exchange is agreed.
  5. The courier will collect the unwanted item and will replace it with the new size.
  6. The exchange of the item according to this process will be free of charge.
  7. The shoes must be unworn, in the same condition you received them, and in the original box.

Christmas special exchange conditions!!!

We understand that purchasing our shoes as a gift comes with extra challenge regarding the measurements and size guessing.

We want our customers to be 100% happy so if our shoes are bought as a Christmas present we allow you a longer time to do the exchange if necessary. Therefore we request the exchanges to be done by 5th of January. Please send us an email with the subject: Exchange- Christmas present- order Number


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