Barefoot Sport Shoes

Barefoot Sport Shoes

Healthy Barefoot Sport Shoes

  • Thin & flexible sole
  • Foot shaped

  • No heel rise
  • No arch support
  • Recycled plastic bottles – BreatheMesh upper for durable, ultra-breathable performance
  • ConnectMax EVA 2mm midsole for excellent ground connectivity when worn without insole
  • Flexile removable 2.5mm insole to tune fit and increase shock absorption
  • MultiGrip performance outsole for light trail and pavement grip & durability
  • Worn with or without socks
  • Stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole

Supported By Experts


Physiotherapist at DISC at JLT, Dubai


Osteopath at JointSpace, Dubai


Kinesiologist and Movement Therapy coach at BodyHackCODE

Rediscover Natural Movement

One shoe, countless adventures. Run, climb, or lift: the world feels different underfoot with our barefoot sport shoes.”