Zain, Osteopath 

JointSpace, Dubai

As an Osteopath, I am always observing and assessing the feet with my clients. The feet are the first contact point to the ground in upright function and are considered the “switch” that turns on the chain reaction of motions up into your knee, hip and spine. Your feet not only require the freedom to move, but also the stability to propel you across the ground.

I have personally tried these shoes for the last month, the quality of the shoe is clear. You just need to make sure you measure your size correctly. The first day I wore them I could feel my feet working to support my body, this is a good thing! I wore these for half my day before switching to my spongey regular shoes and I could immediately notice the difference. I always recommend shoes as a tool to mold your feet, so if you have been told you need to strengthen your feet, are suffering with long standing knee or low back pain, then barefoot shoes like these can be a valuable tool on your journey to recovery.

By the way, if you are worried about that wide toe look, these actually look great!

– Zain

Erika, Physiotherapist

Align Health, Abu Dhabi

As a physiotherapist I know how important the feet are: it has to be mobile and stable, the surrounding muscles need to be strong and flexible. When I was looking for shoes for my daughters it had to match my criteria: toes have enough space, flexible but shock absorbing sole, the top preferably made out of leather. For my active girls it has to be good material and quality as well, because they just use it everywhere.
At GoBarefoot I found the shoes of my preference. I have tried different designs for my daughters which were all high quality, the kids only grew them out.
After wearing the Belenka shoe myself on a daily basis, I can recommend it to everyone who is looking for a comfortable and long lasting shoe that does not compromise the normal foot shape and  also looks cool. The sole has extra stitching for stronger hold.
Even ordering from GoBarefoot webshop can not be easier, just measure your foot for proper sizing, choose your design and size and your order will arrive to you asap.
Highly recommended!

– Erika

Ali, Physiotherapist and Chiropractor

When I come to clinic the first thing I am changing my shoes. Barefoot shoes are giving amazing comfort and space for my toes. It is super light and it feels like really walking barefoot with elasticity.

As a chiropractor, we believe that feet are too important part of our body because if your feet don’t feel comfortable or don’t feel enough contact with ground it can cause to problems with n your knees, hips or spine as well.

My experience is very positive with barefoot shoes and I would recommend to my patients, friends and family.

– Ali

Maike, Chiropractor

As a chiropractor, I believe in barefoot shoes because our feet were not designed to be in cramped shoes that do not allow toes to splay, or that limit the natural movements of all the articulations and bones of the feet. The feet have thousands of nerve endings to connect us to our environment and to provide proprioceptive feedback to our brain. How we walk has a direct impact on our posture, and to me, having a firm and grounded contact with the floor is the information my body needs to move properly and to have a healthy walk and posture. Nowadays, shoes are tight, they compress the toes, they have too much drop, affecting the way we walk and how our articulations function… Barefoot shoes are what our feet naturally need and crave. We have to go back to what is natural for our health.
I highly recommend the Belenka Champs because I have been wearing them for a while now and I feel like they provide everything my foot needs. The shoes are beautiful, durable, they don’t get dirty easily and they are made of the best material. Since I’ve started wearing them I feel like I am more “grounded” and that my foot is working in ways it never had the chance to. My stability has improved, I feel like my feet and legs have gotten stronger, and I know I am providing the best shoes for my foot health and posture. My arch is stronger, my foot is slightly wider as well. The benefits are so important that Im not going back to normal shoes. My experience so far has been very positive. I would recommend it to my family, friends and patients.

– Maike

Jesse, Fitness Coach and Co Founder Original Shero & COO

As a fitness coach and barefoot training specialist I have been wearing barefoot shoes for a decade. Once you make the change to barefoot shoes and regain correct function of your feet, you will never go back to restrictive shoes.

The Freet Pace sneakers have a little more support with the insole than other brands I’ve worn before, great if you enjoy a little more padding, and has the option of removing that if you want more ground feel. I enjoyed being able to have the additional padding on long days standing, and being able to remove the insole for when I train and want more connection to the ground.

– Jesse