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Ayllu is an Inca language that expresses the community, the extended family sharing work and property. At the same time, the Incas fulfil the idea of ​​an idyllic life connected with nature by body and soul. That is why the models of Aylla shoes are named in Quechua, ie the Inca language. E.g. Press and Nuna mean Earth and Soul. The Incas were connected with nature, and also we in Aylla feel in our shoes with our feet on the ground, which we feel with every step.

In Aylla we would like to help to change the vision of “normal” shoes. We are certainly not alone in this – there are more good brands and we are also working to change people’s thinking not only about foot health, but the whole body. Because in the human body, everything is related to everything.

Our shoes have a timeless design that will appeal to a wider range of customers.

The whole shoe is made in the Czech Republic, but it is not only made of Czech materials. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure long-term serial production on materials from the Czech Republic. However, all materials are actually produced (not just imported) in the EU. We take the skin in the Czech tannery, the cows come from open pastures. Did you know that cows are not killed for their skin? The use of leather is basically a waste treatment. Nowadays, a lot of cowhide ends up in incinerators, so we are glad that at least part of it will be used for further processing.

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  • Aylla Inca is historically the first model from Aylla’a production workshop
  • Perfect shape for all-day comfort.
  • Experience a minimalist design and a maximalist walking experience.
  • Smaller sizes are also suitable for children.
  • Each pair of brown shoes is original – thanks to the traditional processing of cowhide leather from Czech meadows, we keep the leather its natural appearance.
  • sizes 35 – 42 EU
  • color: turquoise
  • used materials:
    • upper: full grain leather
    • lining: anti-allergenic fabric with nanofibers
    • sole: 4 mm made of recyclable TPR

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