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“…Amazing  local company founded by two fabulous momprenuers. You can feel their passion in everything they do: the amazing, best-in-class barefoot brands they stock, the beautiful hand done packaging (with crazy fast shipping!), their advice & consultation when you have questions.  I’ve been blown away every step of the way & will hands down support this company & get all my babes’ shoes from here going forward!” 

Alana Gallini, Dubai

“What a lovely company! Shoes are gorgeous. My little one looks so cute in his Dodo sandals. Obsessed with them! We got these for him when he started walking at 12 months and they’ve really helped with his walking. Can’t wait to get him another pair!”

Louise Williams, Abu Dhabi

“After my hip surgery, it is hard for me to imagine the recovery process without barefoot shoes. I practically had to learn to walk properly again and without being able to feel the surface under my feet using all the benefits of barefoot shoes, I do not think I could fully recover. I tried the “regular shoes” when walking on crutches and it felt more of an obstacle than help. I highly recommend the adult barefoot shoes if you are recovering from the injury!”

Veronika, Abu Dhabi

“Starting from design, materials to customer care everything was impeccable from the start. If you are looking for affordable, but high quality shoes for you or your little one which are “health oriented” then you will definitely love GoBarefoot shoes. Simply…you can’t not to love them 🙂
For us it was a “love at the first sight”, which I hope will last for many many years.”

Sanya Nasser, Dubai
“I was hesitant to spend a lot on baby shoes as they grow out of them SO quickly. But our late walker has been through about 5 or 6 low cost pairs that just weren’t working. They made walking harder and she would pull them off her feet the first chance she’d get.
Now she and I are both obsessed with her barefoot shoes. She wants to wear them all day long, and I can see the difference in her step.”
Maarium, Dubai

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