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Looking for an exceptional gift idea?

Our Barefoot Shoes Gift Voucher is the ideal present for friends and family who value their well-being. With our unique collection of barefoot shoes, they can experience the joy of walking naturally, free from constraints. Your gift voucher unlocks a world of possibilities for your friend’s or family member active lifestyle.Give a meaningful gift which will continue giving a joy and health benefits of barefoot walking. When your loved ones redeem their gift voucher, they’ll benefit from personalized recommendations and fitting advice .

For more information click here.
For more information click here.


Barefoot Shoes Gift Cards- How does it work?

  • From the gallery choose the design of the gift card  you preffer.
  • Type the recipient’s email.
  • Write a personalised message.
  • Choose the date when you want to send the gift card out to your loved one
  • Add this gift card to your shopping cart and simply check out.
  • The recipient will receive your Gift Card on the chosen day.
  • Your loved one will be able to choose their preferred barefoot shoes and redeem your gift card easily on their check out.
  • The recipient will be able to add on an amount to reach a desired value or save the remaining gift card value in their account.

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