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Be Lenka barefoot shoes are manufactured in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe.  The  emphasis is on quality and the shoe tradition using the locally sourced raw materials wherever possible.

Be Lenka Kids collection with a low cut around the ankle are shoes that your child will simply fall in love immediately. They are designed with an emphasis on functionality and a unique design that is inspired by the PLAY model. 

The ergonomically shaped toe provides plenty of space for the toes. Additionally the flexible 6 mm sole without supported heel processed by Slovak craftsmen makes this model the right companion for your children when discovering the world.

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For more information click here.


  • The uniquely designed sole is ultra flexible. It is only 6 mm thick and thus ensures maximum contact with the surface when walking or playing.
  • The toe box is wide enough to provide the space required for the toes to wiggle freely. This way the toes are not compressed in the shoe and they can work naturally while walking and without being deformed by the shape of the shoe.
  • Thanks to the practical Velcro fasteners, they can be pulled over the ankle very easily and therefore they fit on children with a narrower heel too. They also fit nicely on the foot with a dominant thumb foot type.
  • The shoes are suitable for everyday walks, on the playground or in the park, and after impregnation they can also withstand moisture.
  • The shoes are not intended for sports. Mechanical cycling can occur, especially when cycling, scootering and other activities that put a heavy strain on the sole.


Upper Layer: Leather

Insole: Textile

Sole: Vulcanised rubber

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